Sprint Making a 3G Capable “Peel” Case for the iPod Touch?

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Sprint appears to have submitted design information to the FCC on what certain sites are reporting as the iPod Touch “Peel”, or Sprint “Peel”.

The idea is apparently to have a 3G capable cover piggy back on handheld devices, such as the iPod Touch, and enable you to use it as.. well… an iPhone.

Some theorise that the name “Peel” is what confirms it is a product for an “Apple” device.

Technically it is rumoured that the device connects to the iPod using Wifi. This could circumvent all but software objections from Apple. And it is possible that if the device is configured over WiFi or Bluetooth then it will not even require software.

The “Peel” has its own battery and charges separately. Although it would be cool if it both connected to the iPad using its dock connector, and provided a through port so that the iPod could still be connected to a Mac. I can dream!

Does this interest you as a product? Let us know in the comments…



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  • Bt2184

    Just depends if the price is right. I won’t pay $30 a month for it, but $15 to $20 per month is reasonable.

  • Reply

    I remember when I was stuck with the ipod touch, and there were crazy dreams of somehow creating a portable full time internet connection. Well this item, however cool, is a bit late to the market. But I still think it will be well received!

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