New iPod Shuffle or Apple iWatch? (Rumor)

new ipod shuffle Apple

iWatch Apple

A 3cm by 3cm display marked as an Apple component is causing some excitement on the internet.

The web site, perviously responsible for accurate discoveries of components for the iPhone 4, claims to have received this component from a reliable source. And the Apple branding on the part suggests that at least it is an Apple prototype part.

Guesses so far for what this component could be for range from an iRemote with a touch display for the rumored new AppleTV, an iWatch, or a revised iPod Shuffle “Touch” with a display.

new ipod shuffle Apple

9TO5Mac have a great little concept sketch from one of their readers.

What do you think a 3cm x 3cm LCD panel could be for? Let us know your best guess in the comments.


iWatch Apple New


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