iPhone Represents Half of Verizon’s Entire Smartphone Sales for Q1 2012, Yet Again

Apple’s iPhone 4S has experienced massive success over the last several months, with demand for the popular smartphone staying consistent and with 4S sales pushing Apple up to the number three spot in global phone sales.

Apple added Verizon to its list of new carriers in 2010 with the iPhone 4. Verizon, the second carrier to carry the iPhone in the United States reported during their 4th quarter earnings results that the iPhone represented half of the total smartphone activations, with 4.2 million activations.

On Thursday, Verizon reported their 1st quarter earnings results, and mentioned once again, that the iPhone 4S represented one half of the carrier’s total smartphone sales. The number of sales for Verizon are slightly down from 4.2 million, with Apple selling over 37 million 4S’ worldwide. Analysts expect 4S sales to be slightly down for the next quarter, which is understandable considering the decrease in demand for a product on the market for several months.

However, the Cupertino company also launched the iPhone 4S in China this past January and factoring in Apple’s major presence in Asia, 4S sales may hold strong. Verizon is only one of the three major carriers competing to sell iPhones with Sprint and AT&T competing for increased sales this quarter.

{via MacRumors}


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