iPhone Radiation App Gets A ‘No’ From Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs

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Another developer has fallen foul of the Steve Jobs one-line reply, this time the unlucky recipient was Tawkon. Developers of an app by the same name, Tawkon found their radiation measuring app rejected by Apple’s App Store approval team recently, though neither Apple nor the developer themselves are saying exactly why. The app is designed to measure the amount of radiation around the user, including that being emitted by their phone. It’s believed this information is being gleaned via APIs that Apple doesn’t want developers to use, hence the rejection.

Tawkon even tried to garner support from within the Apple executive team according to BetaNews, but to no avail:

“After encouraging discussions with iPhone executives at Apple Cupertino headquarters, their generous compliments about our application functionality and graphic appeal weren’t enough to sway the executive decision to reject tawkon from the app store,” said CEO and Co-Founder of tawkon, Gil Friedlander.

Friedlander even tried to old ’email Steve’ routine in the hope he could help, again getting short shrift. The response from Jobs was a characteristic one-liner – ‘No interest’.

Now this is all coming from the developer themselves, and Apple is obviously never going to confirm or deny the story. If you do need the app for some reason however, fear not. Tawkon has now released its app on the jailbreak app store, Cydia for those that way inclined.

Tawkon is already available on both Android and BlackBerry.


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