iPhone OS 4.0 3G Special multitasking “hacked” edition

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We predicted that multitasking would not be available on earlier iPhone devices, and were correct. Even still I was personally a little insulted by Apple’s statement that earlier hardware simply can’t support it. That statement taken in its broadest terms could be seen as true, but overall the statement is disingenuous.

It must have had a similar effect on the various hacking teams out there too..

The iPhoneDevTeam have rushed a preliminary beta of their redsn0w jailbreaking tool out. It’s certainly not their usual consumer orientated click and jailbreak solution, and as such it is aimed at experienced developers who operate on the fringes of the developer community. This jailbreak is not for the faint of heart, and will update bits of your iPhone that are not easy to fix and rollback to a previous iPhone OS version. You have been warned.

The idea is that this release by the hacker community gives developers who work on apps which are sold outside the Apple AppStore an opportunity to prepare their apps for the new iPhone OS.

Most noticeably though, this jailbroken version of iPhone OS 4.0 runs multitasking just fine on the iPhone 3G.

Sure, memory is a legitimate argument against multi-tasking on the 3G iPhone. It has 128MB of RAM as opposed to 256MB on all newer iDevices. However, the iPad (Apple’s newest iDevice) has potentially similar issues to the 3G due to the amount of extra RAM it uses both for apps and for its larger screen.

Here is a video if the jailbreak for those that like that kind of thing :

Would you consider jailbreaking your iPhone 3G for multitasking alone? Let us know in the comments..


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