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Battery Go Rating: ★★★½☆

Utilise your remaining battery efficiently with this handy utility

Battery Go! and is a utility which helps you determine the amount of talk, internet, video, and music time you have remaining on your current battery charge. We also show your current charge percent and let you play around with the number using a slider to kinda see what your hypothetical battery life would be if you were to keep using your phone for a while or whatever.

The iPhone has always received a lot of criticism for it’s battery life by the media, which in part is justified when compared to the many days/weeks standby you get from normal mobile phones these days, but generally for a smartphone it is perfectly ok as long as you don’t go too mad with it. Enter Battery Go! which gives you important stats based on your battery level, handily expressed as a percentage for higher accuracy, broken down into four categories which covers the core functions of your device. Web, Phone, Music and Video are labelled with the amount of time on each so you can judge if you should make that phonecall or continue watching last weeks tv show!

Also present on this screen is a slider control that shows you the same information but at a battery level of your choice, handy I suppose for deciding when to charge up your iPhone but I personally can’t think of much reason to use it. I would have liked to have seen a battery health indicator here, so you could perhaps pre-empt a battery replacement and would like to think the time calculations are based on this somehow.

On pressing the (i) button on the bottom right corner of the screen will reveal “tips” for improving your battery. Though brightness control is best left to be controlled by the built in sensor which has saved me the most battery over having it at a fixed level.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99

(as of 09/08/09 version 1.0)

The Good

  • Battery life expressed as a percentage
  • Simply lets you better utilize your battery
  • Slider for custom charge level calculator

The Not So Good

  • No battery health indicator…
  • … and can’t tell if this is taken into account

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

Battery Go! (Battery Life Tool) Screenshot



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