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How To Get Free Codes for iTunes Gift Cards!

The Process involves you signing up to a well known website named PrizeRebel A site that directs users to certain advertisements requiring you to sign up to advertising schemes. You then get credited a certain amount of points for completing each offer which you can use to get iTunes Gift Card codes!

To get started head over to PrizeRebel sign up and start earning some iTunes gift codes so you never have to miss out on another great App Store title.

To complete the offers please click the offers link and you will see the current list of offers (as shown in the following screenshot). The offers listed in the first few pages are usually the easiest to complete. You also can sort offers by newest added, points or name. The points listed next to each offer is how many points you will earn once you have completed the offer successfully.

To complete the offer – simply click the offer name. Next to each offer there is a description that you need to pay attention to while you are completing the offer. Once you click an offer you may see a page such as the one shown below. You will have to fill in your real information and continue onto the next pages of the offer.

As you continue with the offer, you may be presented with other offers – make sure to say yes and complete any of the offers if you are interested. As you continue to complete the offer, make sure you follow the instructions as listed in the offer description.

Once you are finished completing the offer while following the offer instructions, you can close the offer window. You can then click the completed offers page to see if the offer has credited. However please note that offers may take a few days to credit but a majority of our offers credit instantly. If you do not get credited, dont be discouraged!! please make sure to read the FAQ to see the reasons for non crediting and tips to improve crediting. Then you may try completing the offer again.


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