iPhone 5 Silicone Sleeves Seen At AT&T Retail Stores

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att iphone 5 sleeve 5As Apple prepares to unveil the all-new iPhone 5 on October 4th the rumor mill is busy tracking every little detail about the unannounced device. Mac Rumors recently published a report about Case-Mate cases for iPhone 5 appearing in AT&T’s inventory database and now photos of the accessories have been made available.

Third-party case manufactures often produce cases for Apple’s unannounced product based on rumors and speculation. The latest photos of iPhone 5 silicone sleeves at AT&T retails stores clearly mention “iPhone 5” on the cover. However, it’s worth noting that various reports point to the fact that Apple may be looking at introducing “iPhone 4S” instead.

Earlier reports suggested that the fifth-gen iPhone will introduce a tear-drop shape however, the product name “N94” appearing in Apple’s inventory database now hints towards an iPhone 4 like device with a faster processor.

att iphone 5 sleeve 3It’s unclear why AT&T is placing orders for the cases before the product is officially announced. Apple has been reportedly testing the new dual-core processor in a device which looks similar to iPhone 4. Even the latest beta of iTunes made available to developers contained a string with references of iPhone 4S.

The next-gen iPhone is expected to be a world phone capable of running both CDMA and GSM technologies on the same device. In addition to A5 chip it will also support higher RAM, 8 megapixel camera and new voice features.

During iOS 5 announcement the media noted the absence of the highly anticipated voice control features. However, according to new reports the Cupertino, California-based company will unveil the new voice “Assistant” features during iPhone 5 launch.



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  • John22s

    This makes no sense if the iPhone 5 is exclusive to Sprint.

    • Rob

      i agree, there is no other news anywhere else on the web about the exclusive contract. WSJ, pulled the story from the web. i think its not real. i remember reading right when verizon got the iphone that apple said. they dont want to leave at&t or verizon behind if they were to get other carriers. at&t and verizon has millions of happy apple customers that they might lose if sprint gets that exclusive deal.

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