iPhone 5 Release Date Scheduled for October 15th?

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iPhone 5 release date france telecom

France Telecom CEO, Stéphane Richard, recently claimed that the iPhone 5 release date could be scheduled for the October 15th, 10 days after the rumored release of iOS 5. If history runs its course, this just may be an accurate date for such a release.

If I believe what we heard, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15.

Richard has been very open with the public about operations going on within his company, particularly in the case where he reported that Apple was planning to reduce the size of or eliminate SIM cards in its GSM-compatible devices, moving to a built-in “e-SIM”.

With Richard’s recent views on the release date {Google Translation}, the iPhone 5 release date is could very well be placed on October 15th. However, it happens to be a Saturday on that date, a rather unusual day for a major product release from Apple.

Then again, Apple has never released an iPhone this late into the year. Many rumors across the web have suggested that the iPhone may be released on the 14th, however, all or most suggesting a date sometime during the week of the second week of the next month.

Apple has not yet sent out any invites to the media or even suggested the idea of an iPhone 5 this fall. However, various rumors and reports certainly suggest that a lighter fifth-gen iPhone is on its way.

Are you going to get the iPhone 5? Do you think that this could be the possible release date?

{via Mac Rumors}


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