iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Via Verizon Slip to September 26th Delivery, AT&T Showing 14-21 Days

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Apple’s new iPhone 5 was unveiled on Wednesday at the annual music event. The iPhone 5 sporting a thinner form factor, taller 4-inch inch screen and LTE connectivity is available on all of the major carriers in the United States such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint as well as some regional carriers such as C-Spire.

With Apple’s shipping estimates around 2 weeks on the first day of Pre-order, it appears that the company is keeping the iPhone 5 in stock for a September 21st delivery. However, carriers such as Verizon are experiencing a longer wait time for delivery, with some customers expecting their pre-orders to arrive as late as September 26th. AT&T is also reportedly showing delivery in 14-21 days after first reporting the same September 21st delivery.

It appears that Sprint is currently the only remaining carrier to still be displaying the September 21st delivery date, however, that is bound to change if other major carriers are slipping in delivery early on. During the initial weeks of Apple’s product releases, shipping times are normally longer but within 2-3 weeks, drop to a week or less. This can be expected with the iPhone 5 as well.

Have you pre-ordered an iPhone 5 and with which carrier? Are you experiencing a long wait for delivery? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Rosie

    Placed my order with Verizon around 8 MST and on the 21st still said my order was still processing. Called Verizon and they said there was an error on their end. Cancelled my order and said they would put my new order at the top and over night it to me and I could expect it on Monday. Still no phone today but did get a shipment email and that said it shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. So I should get it before Oct. but disappointed to have to wait a few extra days as this is my first iPhone. Just thankful they kept their promise to move me back to the top of the shipping list!

  • Leone Elk Bratcher

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I pre-ordered from AT&T about about 1pm on 9/14 and the initial order said I would receive by 9/21. Since my status has said “processing” all week, I called AT&T. They now tell me that it will be 14 to 21 days! Seriously, why pre-order? Can’t go to the store and buy one now, but everyone who didn’t bother to pre-order can walk in and get one. Never again!

  • Disappointed in Madison

    Still “processing” per AT&T. Ordered sept 14 am

  • heather

    I arranged for someone to be at my house to receive my pre-ordered iPhone5. Upon returing home this evening I was infuriated to find out that I had not received my phone and that my ship date had been changed to October 5!!!! I pre-ordered my phone on 9/14/12 at 4:30 am….
    You had no problem taking my money, sending an email saying that I would received it “ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 21,2012” and yet when I came home this evening no phone was delivered! This is HORRIBLE customer service. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave! You have no problem sending me emails about everything else- why would you not have the common courtesey to send me an email to say this process was delayed?
    And to top it off when I call to register a complaint, your automated phone service cuts off my call. So I circumvented the system and now Im speaking to a CPR who indicates that “sometimes there is an error on our end and you will just have to wait”
    Again Steve is roling in his grave

  • Lucky

    Don’t know how I lucked out, but I pre-ordered on 9/14 at 10:30 a PDT and got mine delivered by Fed Ex today, 9/21!!!!!

  • darita

    Ordered mine from ATT on the 15th. Went to my Target store today and they had one there, but couldn’t activate me because I was not eligible for an Upgrade. ATT won’t cancel my order and reinstate my eligibility, but also won’t give me a delivery date except for 14 to 21 days. Mean while, a friend of mine walked into ATT today and got one, no preorder, no nothin!
    When you preorder, doesn’t that mean that you get it first??? This is rediculous. By all rights, they should have honored their preorders first, then allowed the left overs to be sold in store!!!

  • Tracy

    Yep…thanks AT & T…been a loyal IPhone cusotmer…pre-ordered 2 IPhone 5’s…thought there was a reason to pre-order…so they have $400 of my money…no phone while others walked in on Friday and got there’s…whats wrong with this picture!

  • Debra

    I ordered my phone on Sept 14 at 10 am cdt. I have received only one email which stated I would receive my phone 9/21. This morning I called ATT knowing I would not receive the phone today as my order was still “Processing”. I was told ATT is getting their second shipment this coming Tuesday and I would be shipped at that time. I checked throughout the day today to see if my status had changed. It did not as it still showed “processing”. So I resigned to the fact I would probably get my phone next Friday. Now to my surprise UPS just delivered my phone. It’s 9:55pm! Amazing!

  • Matt9817

    I preordered mine from apple on the 14th at 3pm and the shipping date said October 5th. Now it just changed to order shipped (in china)

  • Philly

    Pre order with AT&T BT status shows order still processing. Not sure if I need to wait for two weeks or more…..

  • Rp

    I ordered on @ 9:30 CST Sept 14. My AT&T Salesman told me that my phone would not be here on the 21st…and that it could be as late as Oct. 12. He had information that he was looking at from the store that the first batch had sold out. If he was able to gather this info…it seems that other AT&T Salespersons should’ve been able to do the same. I don’t like the wait, but I was properly informed when I pre-ordered. I guess I’ll wait.

  • Kobe

    oh yea it said expected shipping date 10/5/12!! OMG apple and verizon thanks for letting me wait that long i love you guys! 😀

  • Kobe

    i pre ordered mine on the 15th at verizon. And i only got a order received email also on saturday. And i still have no confirmed email saying its shipped or anything. it just says. we have received your order and it is being processed!? WTF? hurry up!! im waiting!!

  • Not Happy!

    I pre-ordered on the 14th at 9am in the Verizon store. I was told shipment would be delivered by the 26th. I had not received a confirmation email nor money withdrawn. I just got off the phone with Verizon. They said even if preorderd, they were told by corporate to tell us that Apple is really “backed up” and to expect the shipment October 15th. This is a bummer. I am moving at the end of next week and was told that if I cancel my order and redo it with the new address, I would be pushed to the back of the order line.
    The good news is that they have a 14 day return policy. I will probably have to drop the order and either wait or try and purchase it later. This stinks. my Birthday is next Friday and I was hoping to have it before than.
    Apple really messed up on this one. They should have made sure all the pre-orders were taken care of first then the rest could have went to those waiting in line. not the other way around.

  • Del

    Pre-Ordered from AT&T on Sept 14th @ 9am CST, received an email saying it was processing that day… Have received no further email updates, still says processing today. Makes no sense that people who PRE ordered a week ago will get there phones after the people who didn’t. I feel like if I pre-ordered something, I should be able to get my product BEFORE the people who did not pre order anything. Apple, you dropped the ball on this one.

  • J. Parker Sebastian

    I pre-ordered my iPhone5 on Sunday, Sept. 16 at AT&T store. They told me the phones were shipping on the release date, so I should have mine no later than Sept. 26. Repeated checking of my order on their website says my order is “Processing.” Translation: 14-21 day delay.

    Why bother pre-ordering? I will never do that again. I would have been better off going to the Apple store in a few days and buying the phone outright and worrying about adding it to my plan after that.

  • ssmith

    I pre-ordered iPhone 5 at an AT&T corporate store,
    September 14th @ 8am, CST. It was an upgrade from my iPhone 4. It was the first
    “pre-order” I’ve done, so I was unaware of issues related to
    pre-orders. When I walked in, I spoke with the “greeter” AT&T employee
    who told me pre-orders will arrive on the release date, and some might even
    arrive before that date. So with that information, I went thru with the order.
    The other AT&T employee handling my transaction never advised me of any
    delays or backorder issues. Also, she never discussed any cancellation
    policies. Sure, there is that agreement that we digitally must read and sign,
    but by then they must have known of the delays. I was never advised of any
    delays in shipments by anyone. Told me my card would be charged once shipment
    has been initiated. The iPhone launch is finally here, and I still do not have
    a shipping date, as my order still reads “pending”.

    On my way to work this morning, I tried to cancel my order
    this morning at the same AT&T location. Yea, stood in line, and was the
    10th person in line. They refused to cancel it. So now, who knows when my phone
    will arrive?

    Why even go thru the hassle of pre-ordering? What’s the
    point? I will never, never, ever again go thru the pre-order process. It’s
    unreliable, unpredictable.

    Simply put it, not worth the hassle.

  • Tess

    I think its pretty pathetic that a company like apple with the resources and power it has completely drops the ball on something as simple as sending out their customers products on time. Its really irritating that the verizon store I go to has iphones in stock but since I preordered it I can’t get one of those, I have to wait for mine to get in and that is 2-3 weeks away. Really pathetic apple, seriously!

    • Ob1

      I’m in the exact same boat. They have them at the store, but I was told I can’t cancel my pre-order, which isn’t even supposed to ship out now till mid-next week. What’s the point in pre-ordering. Here, take my money so I can wait longer.

  • D0M1NIX

    Pre ordered Sept 17 from Verizon and won’t be delivered until Oct 5. Kinda pissed about that.

  • Jebba074

    I am in the 1406 order number series, I ordered from AT&T at 12:15am on the Friday the 5 went on sale. My phone is still on back order.

    AT&T told me the following starting Wednesday morning:
    – Wednesday morning – we are updating our systems; check back in 24 hours.
    – Thursday morning – there are tens of millions of people overloading their systems. Be patient and check back later.
    – Thursday afternoon – Your order is at our warehouse and we are sorting through the phones. You will receive your phone tomorrow like the email stated.
    – Thursday evening – your phone will be delivered in 14-21 days. This is not AT&T’s fault and this is Apple’s doing. AT&T is just complying with Apple’s request.

    AT&T really messed up and now they are blaming Apple. Very professional AT&T.

  • Danny

    I placed my order on September 14th around 4 pm, status- “we have received your order and its being processed”- expected shipment: 9/28/2012, no email yet 🙁

    • Wally

      Same as us on Verizon, moving to them and next friday (28th) sucks balls

  • Happy

    Placed order on the 14th Sept. 4:15am delivery date supposedly 21st. No email confirmation though. Just receipt logged at verizon

    • Chris S

      Same boat, ordered around 3:05am on Sept 14th. Receipt logged at Verizon preorder status site says Expected ship date Sept 20th, but no confirmation email and no tracking info. Little worried, but since I’ve been charged I assume it shipped.

  • Eric

    I found it. I placed my order around 3:00 a.m. on the 14th and it says it shipped on the 17th. Awesome!!!

  • Eric

    How do you check the status for Verizon?

  • Bryan

    I placed my pre-order at 4:10 P.M. on the 14th. Verizon has status of “Expected ship date” Sept 28th.

  • Bret

    My pre-order with Verizon (I ordered the night of the 14th) says it will be delivered by September 28th.

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