iPhone 5 Launch in India, Greece, and Other Countries on November 2nd

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Apple iPhone 5

Apple revealed its iPhone 5 during a media event on September 12th, unveiling the new 4 inch iOS device, with LTE wireless, and a new A6 chip to the masses. Now, on the first day the company is slated to begin selling its new iPad mini in US retail stores, the Cupertino based company is also looking to launch the iPhone 5 in India, Greece, and numerous other countries.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 5 was expected to launch in India a week ago, but was pushed back a week to the current date of November 2nd. Indian users will now reportedly also be able to purchase App Store content in the native rupees as opposed to US dollars as before.

The iPhone 5, which has had the fastest rollout of any iPhone to date is also expected to be available in Mexico, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta, and Romania. The iPhone 5 will also launch in China later this December, as it is likely that Apple needs to pass through several legal issues and bans in certain regions of the country.

Appleā€™s iPhone 5 will be available in Black and Slate, as well as White and Silver although the white version may sell out faster than the black as it is usually experiences higher demand.


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