iPhone 5 Knockoffs Show up in China

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Fake iPhone 5-1

With the iPhone 5 expected to launch in October, knockoffs of the rumored phone have already started appearing in China. These knockoffs seem to be based on the leaked designs and specs from case manufacturers. giz-China reported that the “iPhone 5” is being sold for $108 USD with a JAVA based OS, MP3, MP4 playback and Wi-Fi.

The knockoff hardware shows a flat curved design, with tapered edges however, the mute switch and the home button remain untouched. According to earlier reports the mute switch could be placed on the opposite side of the phone and introduce an elongated home button.

Fake iPhone 5-2

The Chinese knockoff is only 7mm thick while the iPhone 4 comes in at 9.3mm. Last year, with the release of the iPhone 4, case designs as well as the hardware itself was leaked before the official launch.

With the iPhone 5, case designs have already been rumored to be leaked. This knockoff could possibly be what the iPhone 5 looks like. Government initiatives in China have attempted to stop knockoffs from being produced but with so many designs and so many manufacturers, it is hard to get rid of them in it’s entirety.

{via MacRumors}


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