iPhone 5 Accessory By Case-Mate Suggests Radical New Design

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iPhone 5 Accessory Cases

iPhone 5 rumors have gone wild on the web, but that isn’t stopping many from pulling out very convincing evidence that there is indeed a fifth generation iPhone out there. Case-Mate recently posted new accessory photos on their website, what appeared to be cases for an iPhone 5 with six different design options. The iPhone model inside of the promotional images show a redesign of the back plate with a brushed aluminum finish.

The volume buttons also appear to resemble the iPod touch, and the device itself is thinner than the current iPhone 4. These latest case designs, alongside other rumors of screen protectors with a larger screen size and such suggest that the iPhone 5 is to receive a “radical” new case design. It is expected to be thinner, lighter, and entirely redesigned.

These case images were pulled from Case-Mate’s website, shortly after it went live, possibly due to an error or employee mistake in posting the images. The iPhone 5 is expected to be released this October, rumors and leaked images are very common around as the release date approaches nearer. However, it’s not possible to be completely sure if these rumors actually turn out to be true.

Apple has not yet planned any special events to announce the release date of iPhone 5. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

{via BGR}


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