iPhone 4S Status Bar to Get “4G” Indicator on AT&T?

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iPhone 4S 4G Indicator

During the special media event held on October 4th, Apple announced the new iPhone 4S that supports HSPA+ technology making it capable of delivering 4G-like speeds. According to a leaked internal memo, first reported by The Verge, AT&T seems to be working with Apple to add “4G” network indicator to iPhone 4S status bar.

iPhone 4S 3G IndicatorWhen Phil Schiller unveiled the all-new iPhone 4S he categorically mentioned that the new wireless system allows download speeds twice as fast than fourth-gen iPhone. He went on to compare the speeds with other smartphones that deliver the same speed and even put “4G” in their names. However, Apple preferred to stay away from the debate of what the industry considers to be 4G or not.

One of the primary reasons behind AT&T ‘s interest in getting 4G network indicator is that its competitors Verizon and Sprint do not offer HSPA+ technology on their networks.

Apple is confident about the fact that in the real world experience iPhone 4S could well outperform other smartphones in terms of data speeds because of the unique software and new wireless system. Apple’s official website in all its product images mentions “3G” on the status bar and it will be interesting to see if AT&T succeeds in getting Apple to issue software update to accommodate the request of its long term carrier partner.

iPhone 4S features dual-core A5 chip, 8 megapixel camera with all new optics, capable of CDMA and GSM, records video at 1080p and introduces the new intelligent personal assistant called Siri.

Will you be upgrading to iPhone 4S? Have you already pre-ordered one? Let us know what you think about the iPhone 4S in the comments below.


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  • Staticdol

    My old IPhone 3GS is dying and I like to upgrade to a new Mobile
    Phone. The Iphone 4s is 4g phone that means I did it right with the
    Upgrade !

    iPhone 3GS

  • Chuck K.

    I love you guys! I ordered my 4s at 3:30am on the 7th. Love you guys!!!

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