Apple’s iPhone 4G Ads to demonstrate video chat

iPhone HD Commercial

iPhone HD Commercial

When the new iPhone 4G will be unveiled during Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 keynote event we will finally be able to see the TV Ad which according to Engadget is being filmed by Sam Mendes (director of American Beauty)

They further claim that next iPhone is internally referred as Mammoth / N90 and iPhone 4G / HD commercial will feature a video chat  between a mother and daughter.

A trusted source has confirmed to us that the ads will feature at least one spot where a mother and daughter are having a video chat conversation using the new front-facing camera that’s been spied on the face of that iPhone floating around Vietnam and Northern California,

The website was also able to discover the actors tweet who were auditioning for the new commercial.

iPhone 4G / HD leaks during the last few weeks provide enough evidence that the next iPhone will use Apple’s custom A4 processor, have a front and rear-facing camera with LED flash, a larger battery and higher screen resolution.

iPhone HD Commercial (Concept Video)



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