After iPhone 4G Leak Now It’s iPod touch With 2MP Camera

iPod touch Camera

iPod touch 2MP camera

The Vietnamese website Tinhte (latest iPhone 4G leak fame) recently published images and video of the new iPod touch which reportedly supports a 2 megapixel camera.

Rumors about Apple’s next iPod touch supporting a camera have been circulating the web for quite a while and Apple will probably introduce the fourth gen iPod touch this Fall at their iPod event.

The new iPhone 4G will support Apple’s custom designed A4 processor and it seems very obvious for the new iPod touch to also run the same processor and take advantage of better performance and battery life.

Last month we reported a similar story where Apple’s next gen iPod touch prototype with camera was found listed on eBay. The device listed also had the same “DVT-1” label which suggests that the device is an early prototype.

Besides the rear-facing camera the prototype looks exactly like the third gen iPod touch model.

iPod touch Camera

iPod touch With 2MP Camera



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