New iPhone 4G / HD launching on June 18th? (Rumor)

If rumors about the release date for Apple’s new iPhone 4G / HD over the past few days are to be believed then we could possibly be camping outside Apple Stores for the new iPhone on June 18th.

BGR seems to have good connection with AT&T store reps who share details about new product launches with them. Today they reported that multiple AT&T store reps have conformed that their iPhone sales quotas for the month of June are very high and further speculated:

this means the iPhone is confirmed to launch in June, not July. Knowing how many units stores received per day/week last year, if the iPhone launched in the last week of June, on Friday the 25th, we’re pretty sure the new sales quotas couldn’t be met (in-store orders don’t count as they don’t get recognized until the customer picks them up). We have heard stores having a 25-30% increase in their sales quota, so we’d like to think the next Apple iPhone will launch on Friday, June 18th.

Apple’s WWDC 2010 kicks off on June 07 and we will finally know the official release date for the new iPhone 4G / HD soon.


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  1. I called this two months ago. It was the same thing last year. Announced on the 6th out on the 17th.

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