Will It Blend: iPhone 4?

I’m sure most of you are on YouTube frequenlty and have come across “Will It Blend.” “Will It Blend” is a marketing campaign sponsored by Blendtec. They show off the power of their Total Blender by blending objects down to dust.

Today they posted a video in which they blended the new iPhone 4! There not stopping there either, they’re giving away free iPhone 4! All you have to do is sign up to win on their website and your entered!

If you win, you send them out your old phone which will be featured in the next episode of “Will It Blend” and they will supply a 16GB iPhone 4 and transfer an AT&T contract to the winner with a credit on the account constituting the fees for a 2 year basic iPhone voice and data plan.

What do you think about all this? Will you enter (I did!)? Share your thoughts in the comments!


2 Comments on “Will It Blend: iPhone 4?”

  1. OK…I take it back…I thought the video was going to be the same ole…my bad. A+ for the skit, and “mixing” it up a bit…

  2. These jacka**es should be blended themselves for doing that to an iPhone 4. I'm actually getting really tired of this campaign. Kind of like I tell my kids “it's only funny the first time you tell it”…

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