Updated iPhone 4 with antenna hardware fix coming by September 30th?

A rather strange report is coming out of Mexico of a Press Event where the Director of the Mexican Telco “Telcel”, Marco Quatorze, said that current iPhone 4s will come under Apple’s Free Bumper policy, but as of the 30th of September they are expecting new models from Apple, which they will even consider swapping with customers for their slightly less new iPhone 4s.

These new models are said to be without the “reception problems” that “plagued” the iPhone 4. According to Quatorze Apple will have redesigned the aerial slightly in their flagship device to remove or reduce the problem.

Whether this is a foreign company director picking up second hand messages and misinterpreting them (you may remember that Steve Jobs said they would “revaluate things” at the end of September), or an actual edict from The Mothership, we do not know.

I am guessing the former. But we’ll soon know either way. Do you think Apple are prepping an iPhone 4 revision? Or is this just tech whispers? Have your say in the comments.


10 Comments on “Updated iPhone 4 with antenna hardware fix coming by September 30th?”

  1. Huh? says:
    September 2, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Mexico? Telcel? Whut???? Are we seriously taking rumors from a third world country now?


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