iPhone 4 Shipping Times improve White Color Still Not Available

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Excellent news for anyone who still wants to buy an iPhone 4 – Apple’s estimated shipping time is now down to a much more reasonable 5 – 7 days – down from the 3 weeks the Cupertino outfit has been quoting pretty much since launch day all the way back in July.

On sale for just over 5 months and with over 1.5 million devices sold in the first 3 days, Apple has been struggling to keep up with demand even before sales began in China. China Unicom even sold out their initial allocation of iPhone 4’s and are currently working on a huge waiting list. Hopefully the reduced shipping times means Apple is now starting to catch up with demand as they did with the extremely successful iPad.

Both the 16GB and 32GB models currently available are shipping inside a week, but the elusive white iPhone 4 is still unavailable for order or in-store pickup and Apple are keeping us all in the dark as to when we can expect to be allowed to buy one.

For the more budget concious the iPhone 3GS is listed as available within 1-2 weeks in an 8GB capacity. Have you ordered the black color or still waiting for the White iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • Shadowdreamzk20

    dropped my 3g yesterday and messed up the lcd but got it fixed today in hopes of getting my hands on a white!

  • shorty

    I’m still waiting on the white iphone 4…. silly huh?

    • Shadowdreamzk20

      not at all. because i am!

  • APB

    I reallllllly wanted the white iphone so bad. But my 3G was running sooo slow, I couldnt take it anymore. I didnt even upgrade my 3g to 4.0 cuz it probably would have blown up.
    Anyways…..got the Iphone 4 black 3 days ago and i love it. Way faster and better lcd screen..
    White is white…its just a color..ill wait to get the white one next time i upgrade (2 years)

  • xxitsmexx

    Waiting for the White 4G to be released

  • LittleFATMe

    me, too. I am using a crap-tastic gophone as I wait for the white. 🙁 I was hoping they would release it while my old phone was still alive, but as she slipped away a week ago I was forced to go quickie-replacement on her!

  • TheMeddy

    still waititng for the white one ive had to switch to a temporary blackberry just want to get my hands on the 4 now!

  • Abigail

    I got the black one. Wanted the white one so so so bad. Thought the white one was coming soon but then I realized by the time the white one is released, it’s time for the next generation of iPhone already.

  • Lina88

    Bought the black, but I still want to buy the white when it gets here.

  • Cjohnican313

    Still waiting, ordered black hopefully white will be available within my 30 days if not just wait until iPhone 5.

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