Apple (AAPL) Sells an Estimated 1.5 Million iPhone 4 units on the First Day

Various industry analysts are totting up the iPhone 4 sales figures for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone launch day. Based on 600,000 pre-orders, 100,000 sales in Apple Stores, 50,000 in Best Buy stores, and an additional few hundred thousand in countries other than the US it is certainly over 1 Million.

Estimates vary, but all in all assuming Apple can keep up with demand then they are expected to sell between 1.5 Million and 2 Million iPhone 4 units by the end of June.

Here are some other interesting tidbits from Piper Jaffray :

77% of iPhone 4 sales are from iPhone users upgrading. We have to wonder what the second hand iPhone market will be like in coming days.

16% of buyers were switching carriers to AT&T.
28% already owned an iPad.
39% of those who didn’t own an iPad hope to buy one in the next 12 months.

Morgan Stanley have gone one further and estimated that Apple will sell 100 Million iPhone 4s by the end of 2011.

On iPhone supplies being constrained: I can report that if you are outside of the usual high profile locations then getting an iPhone 4 is not as hard as the media are making out. Apple seem to be resupplying outlets quite dynamically. Certainly on a daily basis so far.

I know that in Exeter in the UK they were sold out yesterday, but had new stock delivered today (twice). I also know that in locations around the US, where friends have been picking up iPhone 4s that stores are telling people to expect new supplies daily too.

So if you’ve been turned away, don’t give up. Go back the next day. You know you want one!

Are you one of the new iPhone 4 owners? How are you finding it? Did you have any problems getting hold of one?
Let us know all of your news in the comments.


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  1. I am a new iPhone 4 owner. I waited almost 12 hours at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA which I don't consider a high profile location. The corresponding pre-orders customers only waited 2 hours. I wish I knew that the App was the best way to purchase the new phone. I will never do that again for any product.

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