iPhone 4 Pre-order starts June 15. Available June 24

iPhone 4 pre order

iPhone 4 pre order

The new iPhone 4 is certainly a major hardware upgrade for which a lot of people have been waiting for a long time. Video calls (FaceTime) and LED flash light were one of the most requested features and Apple has done a great job in offering what the consumers had been asking for.

Apple’s new products always tend to push limits and Steve and his team have managed to re-design the new iPhone 4 and make it even thinner, give better battery life and offer more than 100 new features.

If you don’t have an iPhone yet, this is the best time for you experience the mobile revolution started by Apple. iPhone 4 adds so many new hardware features that I think it will even tempt most iPhone 3GS users to upgrade their devices.

Apple will allow iPhone 4 pre-order starting June 15 and it will finally go on sale in US Apple Store on June 24. If you’ve already made the decision and would like to buy the new iPhone 4 we highly recommend pre-ordering it as Apple could experience production delays due to high demand and if you place your order in advance you don’t have to worry about its availability in the stores when it officially launches. You can visit Apple’s notify me web page to set up an email alert for the pre-order.

Is iPhone 4 the phone you had been waiting for? Are you going to buy the new iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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  1. After over 30 minutes of trying, I finally got beyond the AT&T account information page and onto the purchase page and then it said “Session expired” and kicked me out! Now back at the accessing AT&T account info page again.

  2. walmart & radio shack? What's next … get an iPhone with every chalupa at Taco Bell?
    Employees will be stealing those things daily!

  3. hell yes! i cannot wait to buy this phone… im tired of my 3g and this iphone 4 is going to be amazing!

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