iPhone 4 Pre-Order Problems Continue

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Although some lucky Apple iPhone 4 customers are reporting updated shipping info for their iPhone 4’s, other less lucky AT&T and Apple customers are reporting a host of new problems when trying to complete their purchases.

Some orders, which have finally gone through on either Apple’s or AT&T’s systems after various glitches, are later being cancelled with a message stating that :

“Your iPhone order has been cancelled.
Your credit card has not been charged.”

Messages similar to this are coming from both AT&T and Apple.

One has to wonder if more iPhone 4’s than Apple can supply have now been ordered and they are having to kick out over orders on a last come last served basis?

Apple’s Online Store has also been reported as going on and off line for “scheduled upgrades”, which is extremely frustrating, and seems to be a slightly disingenuous reason.

However, at least some people are getting shipping reports via FedEx.

Let us know your iPhone 4 news in the comments. We’d love to hear.



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  • KS

    My iPhone is being delivered today!!

  • Guest

    I ordered mine on Friday and immediatly got my confirmation email from apple…

  • Guest

    Received tracking number and package is now in AK! Expect arrival 6/23 before 10am!!

  • Jt689

    All the cancellations are likely due to people who submitted multiple orders or ordered it on AT&T and to “be safe” ordered it on Apple as well.

  • TD

    Ordered the 1st day, nothing from Fedex, but apple is reporting that it is being prepared for shipment. However, my credit card has never been charged, so I'm starting to sweat.

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