Let the iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin

Today is the day many of the faithful have waited for. It’s iPhone 4 pre-order day. The online Apple Store went down briefly this morning and came back up accepting pre-orders for the new smartphone. The iPhone 4 will launch on June 24th in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. In the US, only subsidized phones locked to AT&T are available.

The real story here will be the numbers that come out of the initial few days of pre-orders. One of the astounding facts that came out of the pre-order availability of the iPad was just how many units sold sight unseen. Will customers place the same faith in the iPhone? While I don’t have any solid evidence to back it up, I suspect the new iPhone will see strong initial sales. Many 3G, and even 3GS, owners have been looking forward to upgrading their device and the iPhone 4 isn’t just a typical Apple step upgrade. It is, to borrow a bit of classic Jobsian hyperbole, a wholly new and revolutionary device. The new iPhone is the only device to fully support all the capabilities of iOS4 and the front-facing camera opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

A news story recently circulated that Apple was stockpiling enough parts to build 2.5M new iPhones a month. That should be just about right.

Will you be pre-ordering your iPhone today? Have you encountered an issues during the process? Are you taking more of a wait and see attitude to the new iPhone? Leave us your thoughts.


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  1. Hi Brendan. Thank you for pointing out this error. I misread the Apple Store this morning while researching the article. The unlocked phone for sale I was referring to is actually a 3GS, not an iPhone 4. My sincere apologies for the error. The article will be corrected shortly.

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