iPhone 4 and iPad Demand Continue to Rise

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Apple are in an enviable position for any company. They have cemented their place at the top of the tech industry with another set of stellar financial results, announced yesterday.

And they simply can’t produce enough units of their two most popular devices to keep up with consumer demand. In effect they themselves are the only obstacle they have to overcome when it comes to making yet more money!

Yesterday during Apple’s Q3 Earnings Report Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook was flat out honest with the media when asked if he knew at what time Apple would be able to keep supply in sync with demand. His answer was that he simply had no idea, but they are doing their best.

“Currently we are still selling both of those products as fast as we can make them,” Cook said. “So we are still quoting longer lead times than we’d like, and we’re working around the clock to try to get supply/demand in balance. In the scheme of things, its’ a good problem to have.”

Cook was also very eager to clarify that Apple does not deliberately create product shortages in order to increase hype. He explained that although they expected the iPad, and the new iPhone 4 to be an unmitigated success, they were still caught out by just how much of a success they were.

Do you think Apple holds back supplies to increase demand for its products? Or do you believe that they simply consistently underestimate demand for their products?┬áHave your say in the comments…



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