China Unicom Unable to Meet iPhone 4 Demand

The iPhone 4 went on sale in China on Saturday, and China Unicom doesn’t have enough of the handsets to meet the huge demand. Sales of the new iPhone have sold in China at a much faster pace than any of its predecessors.

Before sales had started Saturday, Unicom had received over 200,000 pre-orders for Apple’s sought-after device. By comparison, last year Unicom sold just 100,000 iPhone handsets in approximately 6 weeks.

40,000 buyers received their iPhone with a bundled service plan that day, and an Apple spokeswoman has said that more iPhones will be available soon. Customers awaiting the device have been advised that they should check online or with local stores.

The sale of the iPhone 4 has been a boost for China Unicom by attracting more customers to its network, which is more expensive than other providers, but does offer a faster service.

It’s also a boost for Apple, who is attempting to increase product sales and promote its brand there. Apple opened a store both Beijing and Shanghai this weekend as part of a plan to have 25 in China by the end of the year.

[via WSJ]


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