Apple Refunding iPhone 4 Bumper Case & Accepting Orders For Other Cases

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Apple today started sending out emails to customers who purchased their iPhone 4 bumper cases online notifying them that due to the recent announcement, they will be refunding the cost of their bumper cases.

The email being sent out states:

Dear Apple Customer,

Apple recently announced that iPhone 4 customers who purchased an iPhone 4 Bumper are eligible for a full refund.

As of today, we have automatically processed your refund.

Thank you for choosing Apple.

Apple Online Store Support

iPhone 4 Bumper CaseWhat is interesting is that it seems like Apple is refunding all iPhone 4 bumper case orders regardless of the quantity purchased. I had purchased two bumper cases on different occasions and received two emails notifying me of the refund on both. Appleā€™s online store does not show the refunds and they do not show yet on my credit card statement online. It would seem that Apple found it simpler to just refund the cases without trying to track down which case was for which phone. It also makes the entire process easier for the end user since it is automatic. Anything that Apple can do to please their customers at this point is a step forward.

For customers who did not purchase a case yet, Apple also released the Apple Case Program app for the iPhone 4. Any user wanting to get a free case, will need to install and run the app. Once logged in (using your iTunes account), the app gives a selection of the cases available. Aside from the bumper case, the app also has several cases from companies such as inCase, Belkin, Speck, and Griffin. All together, there are 8 cases to choose from. Once the user selects the case, they get a Thank You page with an estimates ship time. My selection is 3-5 weeks. Now the interesting thing will be whether or not I get it since they had already refunded my account for the bumper cases that I purchased.

All in all, though, Apple has done a great job in making this easy on the end user. Automatic refunds and an easy to use application are a great step toward resolving these issues.


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