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Consumer Reports today announced that the Apple Bumper Case helps in resolving the antenna issues with the new iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports tested an iPhone 4 with the bumper case and found that covering the lower left hand portion of the case did not affect the signal strength the same way that it did in an iPhone 4 without the case.

While the findings are positive and provide a solution for most users, Consumer Reports did not change their position on the iPhone 4. Noting that they do not feel that a user should have to purchase the bumper case to resolve this issue, they still can not recommend the iPhone 4. Consumer Reports only tested Apple’s bumper case, but from current use we can attest that almost every case that covers the lower left hand portion of the phone works.

While the Consumer Reports test did not report anything that was not already known to the majority of users, it will most definitely add weight to calls on Apple to provide the bumper cases for free to iPhone 4 users. Considering that the alternative is a redesign of the antenna and a massive recall of all iPhone 4, Apple should make the bumper cases available for free. Considering the low production cost of iPhone cases (simple plastic cases cost on average 97 cents to produce), the cost of providing a case to each customer will be minimal compared to every other option.

What Apple will do remains to be seen, but they must act fast. No matter what they choose to do, it is clear that they will not be able to satisfy everyone. Many users simply do not like the bumper case (due to its poor protection value) and there are many users who refuse to “ruin” the device’s beautiful curves and design with a case that hides its gorgeous features.

Would you use the bumper case if given for free? Do you use it right now? If not, which case do you use (if any)? Let us know your thoughts on this matter.

iPhone 4 Bumper Test from Consumer Reports



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