iPhone 4 Antenna Issues and Display Discoloration

iphone 4 display discoloration

One of the main highlights of iPhone 4 is it’s unique design. During WWDC 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone he explained why the phone had 3 slits in the stainless steel band which forms the primary structure of the iPhone 4 and said it “uses the stainless steel band as part of the antenna system”

Gizmodo recently published a video which demonstrates that when you hold the phone in your hand (touching the stainless steel band)  it actually reduces the AT&T signal strength and when you leave the phone untouched the signal strength improves.

Since Gizmodo are the only ones experiencing this problem at the moment it remains to be seen if there is an issue with their review unit or if more customers are facing the same problem.

iPhone 4 Reception Issue with Holding the Phone

Other iPhone 4 issues reported earlier today include scratches on the back panel and retina display discoloration.

iphone 4 display discoloration

Are you facing any signal strength issues when you hold the device in your hand without the iPhone 4 bumper/case? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. it's called stop pissing on your hands when you go to the bathroom or get a case. if this guys hands are this clammy i dont want to shake his hands.

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