iPhone 3GS to Cross Two Million Units in Final quarter of 2011

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Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS in June of 2009, following the iPhone 3G as the next hit phone in the market. With faster 3G speeds, boosted CPU and GPU speeds, and video recording, the iPhone 3GS was the most sought after iPhone since the original.

Apple’s third generation phone sold for US$199 and later dropped in price to $99 following the release of the iPhone 4. It is now 2011, and with the iPhone 4S, the best and fastest iPhone, the 3GS is still being offered on AT&T for free on a two year contract.

Since 2009, Apple is expected to be hitting new levels in the production of the phone. In the final quarter of 2011, Apple will have produced over 2 million iPhone 3GS units and counting, more specifically, 1.4-1.6 million units. The iPhone 3GS is still seen as a viable option in the smartphone market, and out performs some of the other phones deemed “smartphones”, including several types of Blackberry and Android phones.

According to Digitimes and multiple sources, Apple’s success with the iPhone 3GS is due in part to their penetration in the entry level smartphone market. The iPhone 3GS is over 2 and a half years old and is still experiencing strong producion rates. The 3GS is expected to be sold under AT&T’s 2 year contract until the introduction of iPhone 5 or 6. Apple does not currently have any plans to eliminate the device.

{via TiPb}


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