Apple Investigating iPhone 3G slow performance after iOS 4 Upgrade

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iPhone 3G users have been complaining about slow performance after upgrading to Apple’s iOS 4. The second gen iPhone reportedly becomes slow and the battery drains faster than before after the upgrade.

WSJ today published a news story where they reported that an Apple spokeswoman confirmed that they are aware of these issues:

Apple is investigating reports that the latest iPhone operating system causes problems for users of the iPhone 3G, after a series of complaints on Apple support forums and technology blogs. Apple is aware of the reports and is looking into the matter

The latest operating system brings more than 100 new features but the older models do not support all the features. It’s not just iPhone 3G which suffers from slow performance even iPod touch 2G users are experiencing similar issues.

Have you upgraded your iPhone 3G to iOS 4? Are you experiencing sluggish performance? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • Zac

    My iPhone 3G has extremely sluggish response to taps. Further, the Map application takes forever to become active and the camera is unusable due to its sluggishness. By the time it takes the photo, the subject has moved on.

    The same thing has happened over the years to my once blazingly fast 17″ Powerbook running 1 Ghz with (gasp!) 1 Gb of memory. And of course, this habit of Apple’s goes back to System 7. Does anyone remember what it was like to boot up a Mac Classic? It made my old 512K seem like a Quadra.

    I will consider downgrading to 3.x if I can’t fix the speed problem with my iPhone. I tried a few of the speed improvements, turning off Spotlight did produce noticeable results but the phone responds nothing like my friend’s new iPhone 4.

  • Karthikeyan Komar

    Yes, it is true. And it was horribly slow. I had to then downgrade following the instructions from lifehacker. Now it works like a charm! Thanks Lifehacker!

  • James D

    I downloaded ios4 on my 3g. The result was an unusable and pointless phone. I couldn’t text, listen to music, use safari etc etc.
    I read everbody’s updates and tips on how to improve performance; turning off spotlight, double hard reset, restoring from backup etc etc. None of them worked.
    I then eventually rolled back to 3.1. It was a laborious and slow process, but I’m glad i did it. I lost 6 months worth of texts, photos etc but it was worth it. If you have an iPhone 3g with ios4 on it, this is the only thing that works.
    I am very angry at apple for this, and until a fix is applied (3months down the line and waiting) I will not be buying any of their products. I have gone from advocate of their products to a detractor. This is no way to treat their customers.

  • Dovemck

    My biggest pet peeve is an app being slow to respond – this upgrade couldn’t be any worse for me. The frustration factor is HUGE. I’m looking to get off this phone ASAP. Lots of little pleasantries that made me love my phone have become such a bother that I’d rather read a book (you know, like, paper) whilst commuting rather than using my iphone.

  • nicole

    Adding my fuel to the fire…my 3g also damaged by the os 4 upgrade. I’m so disappointed that we weren’t warned about this before upgrading. My phone is awful & painfully. Probably giving it up when my contract expires in a couple of months. Going over to android. Never thought I’d say that. Switched over to mac in 2006 but feel really screwed over by this mess with the iphone and extremely irritated that my phone was unnecessarily destroyed because that sync just came through.

  • DM71

    With this new update, 4.02, I was hoping for my phone to be back to normal, but no. I went from loving my phone, to hating it with passion. I use my calender and contacts about 50 times a day at work, and it feels like i’m loosing 1h a day just waiting for the damn thing to respond. Really not a good move from Apple to try to do a iPhone 4 with a 3G. I herd that OS4.1 should fix the SLOW problem on the 3G and I hope that Apple is coming with the update soon, before I get tired of it an buy a phone using Android OS.

  • Ryan1340

    when i try to take a time sensitive photo it takes my phone over a min from the time i hit the camera app till it actually opens and by that time the subject that i was trying to shoot is gone.

  • Collin

    Yes, the phone is nearly unusable. I’m buying a droid phone as soon as my contract runs out next month.

  • Scorp

    We have 2 3g’s, both phones were updated to OS 4 and both are running so slow that i sometimes flashback to 1995 and wait to hear a dialup tone. Also the battery life has been cut by at least 25%. The phone now drops calls on a regular basis… Never did this before!!! I think Apple was pushed into releasing the IP4 before it was ready and because of that they also released the os4 before all the bugs were worked out for the 3G. Apple needs to publicly acknowledge the problem and get a fix ASAP. I was going to purchase two new IP4’s but I am rethinking it now.

  • Jacob

    Don’t upgrade to a new iPhone4. This very same thing will happen again and you’ll be forced to use an awfully slow abacus-like device or upgrade to iPhone5. It’s a trap!

  • Hushpopy

    they know exactly what they did!! they want u to get the new iphone that it will be slow in a matter of few updates. they only had 2 iphone wehn the i0s4.0 came out 3g and 3gs and they forgot to test the 3g with the new os trust me

  • Got2bmoi

    I hate the upgrade… I wasn’t planning on getting the new iPhone but now I am counting the days until I buy the new one.

  • Justus

    Yes it is slower. When I open the calendar for the first time during the day, yesterdays date will be highlighted then a second later it jumps to the correct day in month view.

  • Andersj22

    They obviously forgot to test iOS4 on iPhone 3g. It is truly remarkable, but still must be the case. My iPhone is almost worthless since the upgrade. Everything takes sooooooooo looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

  • Ravi

    It’s a shame how slow my 3G is now. Apple should compensate it’s users. I don’t see a fix coming soon.

  • wezzzzz

    Anyone want to buy an Apple Paperwight …!!??
    The upgrade makes the 3G iphone so slow that’s about all it’s good for now.

    And who knows, I could be complaining about the Iphone 4 soon. Well tahat is the way it seems with the way Apple is ‘testing’ their new OS ‘upgrades’.

  • Daviapple

    apple,, you guys know the problems!!! in the first place. you told us that the iphone 4 the antentna was thousand of hours testing, and the ios 4 was fast. so tell us is the iphone 3g was forgot to do testing???????

  • Ja

    Yeah I had the same problem. The reason it goes slow is because of the folders. Erase all of your folders and you will see how much faster it goes!! That worked for me. When i first downloaded the IOS4, I was like yo this goes super fast. Then I started making folders and it went all slow. I just removed all the folders now and its back fast again. If it works for you, tell everyone!! And tell them it was me who told you first. <Ja> =)

  • Twilight Et

    Yes! I thought it was just mine! this sucks. I have a call & the phone does not even respond to my touch to answer the call immediately. I wish I can uninstall this OS.

  • AN51

    Definite slow down in performance & battery life. C'mon Apple, get it together.

  • Massage

    since upgrading to iOS 4 my 3G has slowed so much that I can no longer dial from my contacts list its quicker if I type the number in. Also cannot access email at all……need help to fix this!!!!!

  • pat

    the battery does seem to drain faster now, but the biggest pain is that it takes 5 seconds or so for the text status bar to start up. so i have to sit there longer and watch to see if the text made it out. it's slower in-general, really though.

  • Baretlov

    It is painful how slow my 3G iphone has become. Looking forward to a fix for this Apple.

  • hj

    this is totaly iresponsable of apple. The iphone is ridiculously slow!!!!!!

  • Nework

    It is so painful. It takes 2 minutes just to send a text message. I am extremely disappointed and instead of upgrading to the latest iphone, I definitely plan to switch phones entirely, most likely to the Droid.

  • Dart

    “slow performance ” is an understatement! I can't believe Apple didn't test this before the release, and if they did, how they could have felt this was an acceptable level of performance degradation! My 3G phone is less than a year old, but it performs like a 5 year old Laptop running Microsoft XP!

    These are Microsoft tactics and I am very disappointed in Apple…even more so in there response, that they are “aware of the issue”! Was this a tactic to motivate users to upgrade to the 4G? Sounds like a Microsoft move to me!

  • JJ

    My grandmother could run a marathon before I would be able to unlock my phone, write and send a text message…. Beyond a joke!

  • jeff

    Count me in. This has absolutely convinced me to do another upgrade to Droid and Verizon. Thanks Apple

  • Cencal

    Same slowness here…is there a way to pick an earlier version of the software?

  • Baseballhrb

    I have a 3G and just like everyone has been saying, this software “upgrade” is nothing more than a downgrade. Apps no longer work, it freezes alllllll the time, and when typing a text message, sometimes letters dont appear for 10 to 15 seconds. It's ridiculous that Apple would release this software upgrade without first doing extensive testing on these phones. Also, Ill leave my house around 8am on a full charge and by noon my battery is more than half gone.

  • Marc

    Too slow to even use, and most apps won't even launch. Upgrade was a severe downgrade

  • captainkeys

    Yes. Especially apps like stitcher (my favorite), and slacker. My scrabble app is so slow, I can't even play the game any more.

  • Jeff Nelson

    Yes and it's driving me nuts! It just takes forever for an app to load – generally once it loads it's fine… but try that when you're lost and need the maps NOW!

  • Bravo James

    well first i came to know about the iOS 4 Upgrade for iPhone 3G, but afterwards few frnds update it… ad got some problem regarding processing slower…. is there anything regarding this problem Apple is working on?

  • Keenermom

    my 3g is extremely slow and the battery is gone in less than half a day. I hate this. I love the phone and features, but this speed issue and no battery life is killing me !

  • ljc

    very slow and the battery might last a 3rd of the day……..

  • Rob Wilson

    2nd Gen iPod Touch, 32GB iOS4.0.1 – not much slower, but crashes a lot now, including hard crashes.

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