Windowed Apps? On an iPad? Say What? (Jailbreak)

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So we have all found ourselves searching for ways to use our iPad as laptop replacements. There are always a few hang ups that you can’t get past, say… Windowed Apps? Quasar, developed by Pedro Franceschi, allows you to do just that on jailbroken iPad.

Quasar is tackling something that I have heard repeated throughout much of the tablet world, where is my windowed apps? It allows you to resize windows, switch orientation and move apps freely around the screen. I mean, lets be honest, windowed apps is great but without those things we’d all be a little put off by it.

Quasar could make those pesky iPhone only apps somewhat usable on your iPad. I have always had trouble giving up my entire screen for apps that don’t bother to put together something for my iPad as well as my iPhone. The app runs $9.99 in the Cydia Store, which to me is a bargain.

Apps like this is what make having a jailbreak a pure necessity. Adding functionality like this is invaluable for those of us who strive to find even more uses for the already powerful iPad. Help support this app by checking it out on those jailbroken iPads!

{via Gizmodo}


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