iPad mini Smart Cover Delivered Ahead of Release Date

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iPad mini smart cover

On Monday, AppleInsider reported that a number of customers are beginning to receive their iPad mini Smart Covers ahead of receiving the device. Although the iPad mini does have a delivery date of November 2nd or later depending on capacity and model. Users who received the accessory are now able to get a glimpse of the material, and even the size of the iPad mini and how it would fit on the device.

Apple Retail Stores have not yet put the iPad minis on display, and as a result, customers are essentially “shopping blind”, not knowing the actual size and feel of the device. AppleInsider posted images from one of their readers who claims to have received his Smart Cover 4 days prior to the release and delivery date for the iPad mini.

According to the report, the Smart Cover is currently available only in the polyurethane material, although the leather version will be coming soon. The report also notes that Apple’s choice to cover the magnetic latches with microfiber and polyurethane might be because they wanted to protect the silver and slate anodized aluminum, slate being the first time Apple has ventured in using different colors of aluminum.

The iPad mini Smart Cover is available in dark gray, light gray, blue, pink, green, and red for $39 and is available in the Apple Online Store as well as in Retail Store now. With constraints on the white iPad mini and the hurricane possibly preventing the device from going on sale, many more users may recieve their Smart Covers before the smaller tablet.


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