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Apple’s iPad mini, scheduled for release this Friday is already gaining recognition for several features that the Cupertino company kept quiet about the device. First, the company did not mention the special software included in iOS to identify and prevent unintended touches during the media event. Now, new reports reveal that Apple also included Stereo speakers in the new iPad mini although the device’s tech specs page does not reflect it . This would make iPad mini the first iOS device to ever receive stereo speakers, similar to those in the MacBook Air.

According to MacRumors, this change likely occurred because of the company’s move to the new Lightning dock connector, allowing for additional space for the stereo speakers. The report also suggests that speculation surrounding stereo speakers in the iPad mini were circulating for quite some time prior to the device’s announcement. Designs for the stereo speakers are seen in the iPhone where one side specifically houses the speaker, while the other side is used for the microphone while the iPad retained only a single spot on the back of the device for the speaker. During the initial wave of iPad mini reviews, Amazon posted a comparison of its Kindle Fire HD to the mini and mentioned that the iPad mini had “mono speakers”.

Amazon posted a comparison of its Kindle Fire HD to the iPad mini

Again, similar to other features, Apple did not advertise or mention the stereo speakers ar the iPad mini announcement. This is Apple’s way of delighting users with the experience rather than focusing on the technical features of the device, which CEO Tim Cook and former CEO Steve Jobs believe is the mistake that other companies make. A 9to5Mac reader reportedly emailed SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller about the iPad mini speakers and received a response that simply stated, “It is stereo”.


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