iPad Clamshell Case Could be NetBook Killer

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clamshell iPad 4

When the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad was first launched there were some pretty ugly attempts by third party accessory suppliers to make cases which turned Apple’s tablet into something resembling a traditional computer. None really caught our imagination.

Apple Insider are reporting an FCC filing for a Clamshell style case which is really rather nifty. Leather bound, with a magnetic clasp, and sporting a fairly stylish bluetooth keyboard this folder like case for your iPad adds very little to its overall size, and can be both reversed so that you can still use your iPad like a tablet, and propped up so you can have what amounts to a screen and slimline keyboard setup. When your iPad is in a bag or simply moving around with you from place to place it makes a great lightweight protective case.

I can really see myself carrying this around as my main mobile computer.

Power for the case is built in and is said to provide 100 days of standby time, and around 90 hours of continuous working time. It takes 4 hours to charge.

And at under $100 the accessory is a snip, and could mean that netbook sales suffer even more at the hand of Apple’s iPad.

From the pictures we have seen so far the overall build quality and styling of this case is something that will appeal to most people’s tastes.

Does this case appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Don Martelli

    If this actually goes to market, it’ll be a game changer for the iPad I think.

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