iPad 5 Rear Shell and iPhone 5S SIM Tray Photos Surface Online

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iPad 5 rear shell

On Monday, a set of photos were posted by a case company called Tactus with claims that the parts in the images belonged to the rumored iPad 5. A separate report also leaked images of what it claimed to be genuine iPhone 5S parts. Tactus had published an image earlier this week of what it claimed to be the rear shell for Apple’s upcoming lower cost iPhone.

Now, the company has posted what appears to be the rear shell of the rumored iPad 5. The shell, which has the same slate color currently seen in the iPad mini and iPod lineup suggests that this part may be genuine. For the past several months, numerous reports have claimed that Apple’s iPad 5 would have a design similar to the current iPad mini.

This would allow the company to sync up all of its devices in terms of design and use the same materials and color scheme on their entire iOS lineup. This is the first time the entire interior is seen, since the initial reports that go back as early as January. Apple has yet to set up an event or a timeframe to release the iPad 5, however, several reports are suggesting that this time frame will likely be around September. The September timeframe is in accordance with previous releases of iOS devices, including the iPod touch, iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

Alongside the image of the claimed iPad 5 rear shell, Japanese parts shop Moumantai posted a pair of photos showing what it claims to be the nano-SIM tray from the iPhone 5S. The trays appear to be identical to those currently seen in the iPhone 5, which may suggest the screen size and depth of the device will likely remain the same in the next generation. In the report, Moumantai noted that the iPhone 5S trays were in several colors, including gray and bronze/gold colors, however, it is possible that this was done to match the Slate/Black and White/Silver colors of the iPhones themselves.

iPhone 5S SIM Tray

Despite the site claiming that the SIM trays are from the upcoming iPhone 5S, it is hard to tell which parts are genuine and which parts are older pieces from the current iPhone 5. Parts for the iPhone 5S have surfaced earlier this year, however, there has not yet been any solid claims that suggests that the parts may be any different than anything seen before.

{Via MacRumors}


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