Apple iPad 3G to be Available in US Stores on April 30th

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Apple has confirmed that the WiFi+3G version of the Apple iPad will be in stores in the US ONLY, initially, from April the 30th.

International availability is likely to be on the same day for all iPad models. But that magical day could be as late as the 30th of May. And we still don’t have confirmed prices yet for outside the US. Nor do we know about 3G internet packages. But we have some suspicions. More on that in a moment.

The 3G iPad is able to use a built in 3G transceiver to access the internet using mobile phone style internet access packages, as well as Wi-Fi. It also has better GPS capabilities.

Apple released a statement which said that customers who pre-ordered their 3G iPads in the US will get them on April the 30th, and that later that day at 5pm the unit will be on general sale to all.

Prices for the 3G iPad start at $629 for the 16GB model with 3G, and rise to $829 US for the premium 64GB 3G model.

To date Apple has sold more than half a million of the Wi-Fi only iPads, and has delayed the international launch by a month because of “unexpectedly high demand” in the US. Nothing to do with supply and manufacture problems at all apparently, Apple?

Apple also confirmed on Monday that it would announce international pricing for the iPad, and take pre-orders, starting on the 10th of May.

It seems that whilst in the US iPad users can buy “pay as you go” internet access packages, in other territories mobile phone service providers are licking their lips as they will get to put their hooks into consumers with contract packages tied to the 3G model.

Have you been waiting for a 3G iPad? For our international readers : Are you frustrated that you still have to wait longer outside the US? And would you hope to be able to buy your 3G iPad carrier free? Do let us know in the comments.



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  • gpad

    So – do we know that if you ordered a 3G iPad on March 12th, like a lot of us, if we will actually RECEIVE delivery on the 30th? That would be really lame if they just shipped it on the 30th, and they were avail in stores before we got ours…??

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