iPad 3 Retina Display to Support New LED backlight Design

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iPad3 Retina Display

According to a report from Digitimes, Apple is expected to change the current LED backlight design for the iPad 3. Apple, with the iPad introduced a large 9.7 inch display, and improved the design wit the iPad 2. However, the iPad failed to see the Retina Display that the iPhone and iPod touch feature.

In Monday’s report from Digitimes, it seems that Apple is going to finally bring the Retina Display with a updated LED backlight design to the next gen iPad. The new design is expected to be a brighter, more clear display and could be particularly be useful for apps that operate in 2X mode for iPhone applications.

With the next-generation iPads expected to adopt LCD panels with resolutions higher than 2048 by 1536, the current single LED light bar designed for the iPad 2 has to be modified in order to maintain or strengthen the brightness of the panels, the sources explained.

There are currently two options that Apple has for the iPad displays, a single bar display with dual LED chips inside or another with dual-LED light bars. Speculation of the two options on a future iPad 3 suggest that Apple will likely go with the dual-LED light bars, after having solved prior issues with heat dissipation and battery consumption.

Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to be released March 2012, but has also been rumored to retain the same design as the iPad 2 with upgraded internals, similar to the iPhone 4S.

{via TiPb}


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