iPad 3 to have Retina Display, not the iPad 2 (Rumor)

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Now here is a rumor that I believe. In fact I was discussing this with our editor just before the weekend. If you want my final prediction on the iPad 2 then here it is…

More RAM with same CPU (perhaps slightly faster – not dual core), new GPU (a really nice one). The second gen iPad will feature same resolution screen with no USB ports. Front and Back Cameras, much like the current iPod Touch. The new iPad will be thinner, Lighter, Longer battery life. (Perhaps a liquid metal case) and it will have a Home Button.

The simple fact is that the cost of a 2048×1536 display is $200 at the moment, and much like silicon chips, when you try to make more complex components which feature an increasing density of core constituents, be it transistor count or crystal concentration, there are more failures and more rejected units earlier in any new products lifetime – which in turn increases costs. And it takes a while to work those kinks out. Which is why Apple’s cryptic reference, via Tim Cook at Apple’s earnings call last week, about investing heavily in new technologies makes perfect sense. They are ramping up the R&D on the manufacturing process for producing these displays to get them ready for the future – not now.

For that reason alone Apple will not be able to manufacture enough panels of this rumoured resolution for a launch early in 2011. Nor will they be able to keep the price of the iPad competitive if they do so.

So there you have it. We may hear some news on the iPad 2 very soon. But don’t expect a Retina display, and let’s see how close we called it on the rest at that time…

Whats you prediction for the iPad 2? Have your say in the comments…


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  • Mike Greening

    If the iPad 2 doesn’t get a better display, it will be tough to justify buying it. We’re talking about a visual medium – beyond the basics, I think that the display is the only thing that really counts! Thanks for the informative writeup.

    • Steve

      The display on the current iPad is already beautiful! It has a higher pixel density than my MacBook Pro’s display, which is fantastic. Don’t forget the IPS technology either.

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