iPad 3 Rumored to Use IGZO Display and Have Thinner Design

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Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to be released anytime in the next two months as various reports and analysts have suggested February – March time frame. The third gen tablet from Apple has been rumored to include retina display, feature A6 chip and have a thinner design.

Now, according to a new report published by Digitimes, Apple could be looking at using IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panel instead of IPS (in-plane switching panel) in order to deliver retina display without compromising on the design.

Starting with the new iPads, Apple will utilize IGZO panels from Sharp in order to upgrade the display resolution of the new tablets to full HD level, the sources indicated.

Jefferies analyst Peter Mesek in a research note reported by Forbes mentioned that Apple could use modified IGZO technology to achieve 330dpi which will bring “retina display” to the iPad. Mesek also noted that the use of this technology will allow Apple to avoid adding thickness to the device and also help in achieving longer battery life.

Low cost of manufacturing IGZO displays and delivering high resolution in terms of ppi are some of the benefits Apple could be looking at utilizing for the iPad 3. While we don’t expect Apple to introduce all-new design, retina display and battery improvements could certainly add great value to the iPad.

Recent leaked photos of the retina display of iPad 3 also seem to confirm Digitimes report and it will be interesting to see if Apple traditions from IPS displays to IGZO display for its third generation tablet.

{via MacRumors}


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