iPad 3 Could Feature 2GHz Dual-Core Samsung CPU

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A representative for Samsung revealed today that the Korean company is developing a smartphone that boasts a 2GHz dual-core CPU, giving the device data processing capacities of 4GHz – performance that rivals desktop PCs. The rep said:

We are planning to release a 2Ghz dual core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year. This product will have the data processing capabilities of a regular PC.

Though Samsung is developing this CPU for one of its smartphones, it’s likely we could see the chip in a future iPad or iPhone. Samsung currently makes Apple’s A4 and A5 chips for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, so the the companies already work together closely.

A dual-core CPU features is two CPU units in one component – which allows for twice the processing speed – and is better suited to smartphone products. A device with a dual-core 2GHz CPU would match the performance of modern day PCs with 3-4GHz CPUs.

The Apple A5 chip, which is the company’s latest processor and features in the iPad 2, is a dual-core 1GHz processor, capable of clock speeds around 2GHz with both cores. This chip already provides the iPad with performance twice the speed of its predecessor, and it known to make the second generation device blazingly fast.

At the moment, the iPad certainly doesn’t need a 2GHz dual-core CPU, but I’m sure it would be a nice upgrade further down the line.

[via Daum]


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