New iPad 2 Mockup is Really Thin

iPad 2 Mockup 2-1

iPad2 Mockup 2-4

With less than 15 minutes left for Apple to introduce the new iPad 2 at the Yerba Buena Center we are seeing some more mockups of the second gen tablet.

Engadget just posted some photos of the rumored iPad 2 mockup which was procured by a source in China. The mockup does resemble the description of the second gen tablet which has been widely discussed in the blogosphere.

iPad 2 Thinner 2-3

The device in the photo looks very thin when compared with the original iPad and you can also notice back and front facing cameras.  The tech blog further reports:

We’ve looked into the digits on the back of the device and the model number is one for the original Apple TV while the FCC ID is for a WiFi-only iPad, but those could be mere placeholders on what is, once again, a mockup and not a real working tablet

While the tablet in the photo is not a working device it does give us a good idea of what to expect from Apple today.

{via Engadget}


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