Apple’s iPad 2 Coming To India Next Week?

During Q2 2011 financial earnings call Tim Cook revealed Apple’s plan to¬†ship “iPad 2 to additional 13 countries next week.” And this lead many to believe that India would finally make it to Apple’s list of 13 countries.

Apple launched the first gen iPad in India in January almost 10 months after the release in the U.S which forced many to believe that the Cupertino company is using Indian market to get rid of old stock. We also reported that Apple conducted iPad dipstick survey in the country where they specifically asked customers if they deferred their purchase due to rumors about next gen iPad.

But, now it seems that Apple is indeed changing their strategy and want to focus on the growing Indian market by launching the iPad 2 in the coming week.

BGR recently published a news story where they claimed:

Apple is expected to issue a generic press release early next week that would mention India as one of the 13 new markets where the iPad2 will be launched.

The price of iPad 2 in India is expected to be the same as the original iPad when it was launched. Authorized resellers are expected to have the units in stock during the first week of May.

Are you excited about iPad 2 launch in India? Will you be buying one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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