iPad 2 Delayed In Czech Republic, Elsewhere Next?

Hands up if you didn’t see this one coming! When Apple announced the iPad 2 earlier this month, Steve Jobs presented a slide showing all the countries set to get iPad 2’s on March 25th. The Czech Republic was one of those countries, and all was well. Until today.

Now, as 9to5Mac reports, the Czech Apple website shows the release date as ’25 Dubna’, or 25th of April for those of us not fluent in Czech!

Now admittedly this could just be a simple mistake on Apple’s part, but we’re not so sure. With Apple already struggling to keep up with demand in the States it’s been expected by many that we could be in for a repeat of last year’s iPad 1 launch where the 2nd wave of releases were postponed. If Apple just can’t make the iPad 2 quick enough then it would make sense, even though another delay would surely hurt the Cupertino outfit’s reputation worldwide.

Of course, launching with 3 units per store wouldn’t go down too well either.


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