iPad 2 Coming to Canada This Friday Thanks to Best Buy

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A comment made on Best Buy’s Canadian website by one of its employees has confirmed that the retailer is set to bring Apple’s iPad 2 to its Canadian stores on Friday, March 25th at 10am. The site admin – who has been confirmed as a Best Buy employee – warned that there would be no pre-orders, and that devices would be sold on a first come, first served basis:

Was confirmed by my store manager. We will be selling them at 10am Friday when we open. It’s first come first serve and there WILL be a line up. If we are doing the same thing as last year we will be handing out a piece of paper which you will fill out telling us which ipad you want, size, color ect..

Unsurprisingly, the employee also warns that there will be lines, and that a ticket system would be exercised during the launch to sort through orders. However, Canadians should take some comfort from the experience Best Buy has gained from its U.S. launch, where customers waited in lines for hours just to be told that the few iPad 2s the retailer did have in stock had sold out. It’s believed that Best Buy’s iPad 2 launch in Canada will go much more smoothly.

There’s currently no word on how many devices customers will be able to buy from Canadian Best Buy stores, however, it’s expected customers will be limited to two devices each the same as those in the U.S

As for the iPad 2 launch elsewhere in the world, there’s no news of delays, so launches internationally should go ahead as planned. A report from TechRadar, which quotes an Apple spokesperson, confirms that the device is still planned for a U.K. launch on March 25th.

[via 9to5 Mac]


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