iPad 2 Accessories: 1080p HDMI Dock Connector & Magnetic Covers in 10 Colors!

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Just after announcing Apple’s iPad 2 at a media keynote today, Steve Jobs went on to talk about some of the accessories that will be available for Apple’s second-generation iPad, including a dock connector that enables HDMI output, and new magnetic covers available in 10 colors.

The HDMI accessory plugs into the iPad 2’s dock connector and provides a mirrored output of the device’s display at 1080p. No setup or configuration is required – you simply plug it in and you’re ready to go – and it supports rotation. Steve says it’ll work with all apps and it’ll be great for teachers, lecturers, businessmen and presenters. The HDMI connector is also home to a regular 30-pin connector, so you can also charge your device whilst outputting to your TV, and will cost $39.

Instead of a new case for the iPad 2, Apple has instead developed ‘covers’, available in 10 colors – 5 of which are made from polyurethane, and 5 from leather – these covers are magnetic and simply stick to the side of your device to protect its screen. Steve said that Apple’s old iPad cases covered up the device’s beautiful design, so these ones just protect its screen with a microfibre cloth lining the inside. When you want to use your device, you simply peel back the cover and fold it around the back turning it into a stand. The cover automatically wakes your device when you open it, and puts it to sleep when you close it. These covers start at $39 for the polyurethane options, or $69 if you’d prefer leather.


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  • iPad 2 Case

    The Smart Cover from Apple looks like a nice case though there are a lot of companies that makes better cases.

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