iOS 4.2 Exploit allows ‘iPA God’ to install cracked apps on non-jailbroken devices

Apple was quick to patch the security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious pdf files on mobile safari, however, the new iOS 4.2 beta version is still far from perfect.

iModZone has exposed a new exploit in iOS 4.1 & 4.2 (beta) which allows non-jailbroken devices to install an app called ‘iPA God’ The app will enable users to install cracked apps without the need to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The website plans to charge under $20 for this app and distribute it via ad hoc.

They recently posted a youtube video which shows the app in action:

We strongly oppose the concept and act of installing cracked app store applications and hope that Apple fixes this exploit soon.



  • Guest

    they arent releasing this anymore. they are selling their source code now
    check their twitter @ipagod