Apple’s iOS Dominates Mobile Software Market Sales

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With the mobile market constantly growing, it’s becoming clear that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are becoming the dominant forces in the market at least when it comes to handsets shipped, with Nokia’s Ovi Store and RIM’s BlackBerry App World coming up the rear.

Market research form IHS has been taking a look at the way the mobile software market is shaping up, and Apple is the clear leader with nearly 83% of the market share. What does 83% get you? A whopping $1.78 billion! That’s a lot of apps!

Second in the chart is BlackBerry’s App World, with just 7.7 and of the market with a worth of $165 million. As AppleInsider reports, while RIM’s store is home to a much smaller library of apps the prices are considerably higher, which obviously means less apps need to be sold to make the big bucks.

By contrast, Google’s Android finds itself all the way down in fourth with only 4.7% of the market share. It’s no secret that the Android Market is dominated by free apps, with users of the OS tending to be much less likely to buy apps than their iOS counterparts.

Considering the number of Android devices out in the wild these days it’s no surprise Google is unhappy about the low number of paid apps users are downloading.


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