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Apple unveiled iOS 7 during the opening keynote presentation at WWDC. The upcoming software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a complete redesign and brings features like control center, AirDrop, full multitasking and more.

For the first time Apple used white iPhone 5 in the entire presentation and even the promotional video featured the white model. Black iPhone 5 running iOS 7 was noticeably absent. After the announcement of iOS 7 when Apple updated its website with information about the version of the mobile OS again black iPhone 5 was missing and almost all of the new features of iOS 7 were showcased using the white model.

The use of white model of iPhone 5 over the black seems to be a deliberate move by Apple. Jony Ive, now the SVP of design, is known to prefer simplistic design and probably felt the white color iPhone 5 running iOS 7 was a better choice to showcase the new design of the software.

The redesign has received both criticism and appreciation. Some seem to like the fresh youthful appeal while some feel the entire OS now looks more like an Android device. However, it’s important to note that iOS 7 is still in beta stage and as the release date nears Apple will iron out most of the issues.

Since, Apple has mostly used white iPhone 5 showing iOS 7 we have created a gallery of black iPhone 5 running the latest software update. Check it out below and let us know what you think about the upcoming update.


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