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iOS 7 is now available for download over-the-air for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. Apple’s latest mobile operating system is the biggest update to the OS since the original iPhone.

Every little detail in iOS 7 has been either largely improved or given an all-new look. While installing the new OS you will also notice the new progress bar as the new update prepares your device. In the new version you’ll easily notice the changes in font, icons, gestures, motion effect and of-course over 100 new user features.

The year Apple’s mobile OS has been stripped off all the heavy textures and ornamentation and what we are left is clean and simple design. Even as the focus has shifted from heavy textures to simple UI, the OS continues to provide an essence of depth and succeeds in establishing relationship between different gestures and features.

For example, when you launch an app it zooms into view to occupy the whole screen and when you press the home button and shrinks back to its icon. This helps in establishing a relation between your action and how visually the features work. There’s also translucency present in the entire OS that helps to understand the hierarchy of menus and the entire OS.

In addition to a completely new look, iOS 7 includes features like Control Center, new notification center, new multitasking UI, improvements to Siri, pages in folders, iTunes Radio, live camera filters and much more.

A few users have reported issues when downloading iOS 7. Due to high download rush to get the new update, it’s possible that Apple’s servers are under a huge load. If problem persists, it is recommended that you close the settings app then try to download again.

Have you been able to install iOS 7 on your device? Do you like the new design and features? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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